Stop giving feedback, ask for it instead. Watch Jenni Jepsen’s webinar.

For many of us, being a leader means having every little thing under control, always knowing what is going on, and telling everyone what to do. However, this role model does not equal success and leadership. 

Many psychologists and managers agree that a new kind of leader should be able to shift the tasks and even give others control over something. In this scenario, not only the leader makes his or her life more comfortable, but also the team feels more motivated, responsible, and eager to do something. In other words, it is crucial for a leader to set the right environment for others to excel and act to the maximum extent of their creativity and intellect.

However, it is easier to say than to do it because the over-controlling way of behavior is hardwired in our brains. 

Neuroscience shows that „the language we use affects how our brains wire.“

That’s why we need to relearn and train our brains to behave differently: to trust, to ask for feedback, to learn that it’s okay not to have all the answers. 

This kind of leadership is called „Intent-Based Leadership„. Jenni Jepsen will explain how and why it works from the perspective of neuroscience during in her course.


Upcoming: Intent-Based Leadership Training with Jenni Jepsen.


The crucial part of this leadership methodology is feedback. Feedback is useful and helpful. However, we need to stop giving it. Neuroscience shows that feedback works when we understand and believe that it will lead to good things for us.

We need to learn to ask for feedback because, in this case, it’s our choice to take in and use it for growth and improvement. We are thankful for the feedback then. It makes us better – that’s the point of feedback. Creating an ask-for-feedback mindset is key to it.

This way, people will feel free to share their thoughts and ideas. In order to do that, team members should have access to information. This will lead to a higher motivation level inside a working group.

Learn how to create an ask-for-feedback mindset, and why it can help to achieve excellence in your organization in this webinar by Jenni Jepsen. 

As a primer for the upcoming training course on Intent-Based Leadership, you can rewatch the online meetup we held with Jenni Jepsen.

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