TechTalk Stories – Product Owner Key Skills Workshop With Gojko Adzic

For many agile teams, the key progress measurement is velocity with story points, but that just shows that people are busy delivering, not that they delivered anything valuable. Story points show that the product is moving around, not that it is moving ahead. This workshop helps product managers and teams get a good idea where they want to go, how to get there, and how to measure achievements instead of just velocity.

Everyone aims to deliver value, but lofty goals are difficult to use short term to understand if we’re going in the right direction, and high-level business objectives rarely result from simple stories. With techniques such as impact mapping and user story mapping, teams can get a great structure in place to engage stakeholders and ensure great outcomes, not just more outputs.


Upcoming Product Owner Key Skills classes:

15-16 May 2017

3-4 October 2017


Watch Gojko talking about the workshop



TechTalk Stories – Scrum Trainings mit Mitch Lacey

Beim letzten Besuch von Mitch Lacey in Wien haben wir ihn vor die Kamera geholt. In der aktuellen Ausgabe von TechTalk Stories gibt er einen Ausblick auf die kommenden Scrum Trainings. Beide Trainings, Scrum Master und Product Owner, können bis 30. Jänner noch zum Early Bird Tarif gebucht werden.

Die Scrum Trainings mit Mitch Lacey sind seit Jahren fixer Bestandteil im TechTalk Trainingskalender. Über 1100 Personen haben bisher die Scrum Trainings mit Mich Lacey besucht.

Mitch Lacey über den Scrum Master Kurs

Mitch über den Scrum Product Owner Kurs

Wrap Up Angular Master Class Vienna + getting started links

Last week, Daniel Sack, Zsolt Zsigmondi and Paul Rohorzka attended the Angular JS masterclass at sektor5. AngularJS is well known Javascript framwork developed by Google that supports building highly dynamic single page applications (SPAs) running on modern browsers. The two day workshop was hosted by Pascal Precht and Christoph Burgdorf, together running thoughtram.

Both lecturers are well known in the AngularJS community, with Pascal being the creator of the well respected AngularJS module ngTranslate which supports building multilanguage applications.
The workshop started with the foundations of AngularJS 1.x. The topics covered ranged from basic concepts such as databinding, scopes, controllers to more advanced topics, especially writing custom directives. Pascal and Christoph also teached us concepts not that widely used, such as “controllerAs” syntax or “bindToController”. A big emphasis was made to support a smooth transition to both AngularJS 2.0 and ECMA-Script 6, both bringing massive changes in the development with JavaScript and especially AngularJS.

The material presented was always crisp and to the point, leaving enough room for discussions. Pascal and Christoph prepaired a great number of excersices where we could get hands-on experience with the topic. Throughout the course both of them proved their profound knowledge of the topic. And besides all content and work – the workshop was great fun as well!

As the majority of the attendees, we are looking forward to announced followup-workshops such as a testing-related workshop or a “master-master-class”.

For further reading on Angular JS we recommend:

Beitrag von Paul Rohorzka