SpecFlow 3 now supports .NET Core

If you don’t already know, SpecFlow bridges the communication gap between domain experts and developers. The results are specifications that are easy to read, document the behaviour of the system, and underpin the implementation. SpecFlow is an Open Soure Project, and much of the development is driver by developers at TechTalk. SpecFlow+ is a series of components for SpecFlow that offer additional benefits. The first public preview of SpecFlow 3 finally allows testing of .NET Core projects with SpecFlow:
Support for .NET Core is now available.
In order to use SpecFlow 3, a preview version of the SpecFlow extension for Visual Studio is required. As the SpecFlow Visual Studio extension normally updates automatically whenever a new version is released, the extension will be installed by default once SpecFlow 3 is officially release – even for users who have not yet upgraded to SpecFlow 3. This new version will not be compatible will all previous versions of SpecFlow. If you are using an older version of SpecFlow, please read the information here for details on how to prevent the extension from updating once the new version is officially released. The biggest change in this release is support for .NET Core! If you want to try out the new version, please refer to this article for details on the steps you need to perform to install the preview version.

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