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How does pricing work for agile contracts?

When it comes to pricing for software contracts, two opposite interests collide: the contractor wants to achieve the highest hourly rate for the project possible. On the other hand, the client wants to keep project costs as low as possible and get the maximum benefit with their budget. Of course, this is only the first, […]

Classic or agile contracts: How to find the right contract type

Traditional projects and their contracts have a decisive weakness. Even though they offer a large measure of (a supposed) budget security, they can hardly keep up with the speed of the fast-moving business world. Thus, instead of the sureness of knowing when a product is ready and what functions it has, you have the danger […]

Agile Teams: A Method to Enable Autonomy by Clarity of Roles

How can you enable teams to take initiative and autonomy by knowing their decision boundaries? In this blog post, I am sharing the concept for a workshop format that you can adapt to achieve that goal. I used this method to address the following situation: within a classical organization, new cross-functional teams are put together […]