Event Tip: Serverless Architecture Code Camp and Executive Briefing

Facebook Datacenter / Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Datacenter / Mark Zuckerberg

Serverless Architecture: Hype or Salvation?

Presented by TechTalk and Gojko Adzic in Zurich, Vienna and Berlin.

Executive Briefing on Serverless Architecture (90 Minutes)

New cloud-based service require ever more granular microservices (Functions as a Service) that are fine-tuned to the needs of individual businesses. These need to be developed separately from one another and scalability is crucial.

Serverless architecture platforms like Azure Functions provide the technical foundations for this upcoming trend, but also require rethinking the approach to software development in terms of handling sessions, data storage, authentication and testing.

In this presentation, Gojko Adzic provides an overview of how emerging serverless platforms redefine cloud strategies and shares his experience in migrating a cooperation platform from a “Platform as a Service” to “Functions as a Service”.

Serverless Code Camp (All Day)

Learn how to build and deploy serverless apps in this hands-on interactive competition.

Implement cloud functions on AWS Lambda or Azure Functions to control virtual tanks, and then battle it out with other participants in a live tournament. May the best cloud function win!

Make the most of an exciting day to improve your understanding of the emerging serverless architecture platforms and take this opportunity to share your experiences and insights with other participants.

Events are held in Zurich, Vienna and Berlin.

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